Sing My Child

In one of the senior bios featured later in this program, a mother wrote that she herself misses the rehearsal evenings, listening to the girls sing and talking with other moms. I have seen that pattern so many times from season to season, year after year, as moms and dads make sure their daughters attend week after week, sometimes driving long distances to give them the challenge, the discipline, the joy of music.

It is good to be a soloist, and yet a different matter entirely to share in the choral art. Both are life-giving and if only we could all sing, the world would be a kinder, more gentle place. Music can transport us from where we are to where we were a long time ago by hearing just a few notes.

Imagine its power if we could all sing together.

~ Sue Kenly Marshall

Our final concert, Sing My Child, will be held at 7:30 on Saturday, 6 May, at Sunnyslope High School. Please join us!