Broadway Ballads

Our Broadway Ballads concert music has a time frame of decades. It includes Broadway show tunes, movie music, and a few songs from other categories. Of course, as listeners, we generally listen to the music of today, and often do not go beyond that. Studying classical music takes us backward in time to music that might be centuries old when we attend a symphony concert or a recital featuring music from past composers.

Broadway is an invention of America. We have reveled in this art form which somewhat resembles an opera, but is not. As we go back in time to vaudeville, shows were more of a “review” and not a story, while the shows of today have a single track behind the creation.

As I choose songs from decades ago, I review the words and sometimes those words are almost a different language than we use today. Sayings and single words go out of style and don’t fit modern times; once in a while I will change a word or two if they just don’t “fit.” We have one song tonight that sounded old hat and a little odd, so the singers of Allegria added a few new verses. They are very clever and we had many laughs over this process! In that song, you will hear the old and the new.

There are old songs I would never choose and new songs I would never choose. But as musicians and audience we must look at both ends of the spectrum and find the beauty, the joy, and the lessons that are learned from music creation whether it be 1685, 1943, or 2018. We are tied to time through a few notes of music.

~ Sue Kenly Marshall

Our pops concert, Broadway Ballads, will be held at 7:30 on 24 February 2018 at Sunnyslope High School. Please join us!