Arizona Girlchoir Curriculum

Our goal at the Arizona Girlchoir is to develop musically literate singers. In addition to professional vocal training, we provide music theory and sight-singing for our girl choirs.

choir-tallMusic Theory

Music theory is study of the language and interpretation of music – how music works! We teach music theory so that our singers will understand the concepts needed to comprehend music.

Music Theory for Singers is a program with effective, fun, and easy instruction in general music theory, approaching the process from a singer’s perspective with specific instruction for key skills. Our instructors have years of experience teaching this well-presented theory program.

There are three volumes with a total of fifteen workbooks in this course. Singers may move through the course as quickly as they choose, with a minimum of one workbook per season in order to continue to enhance each singer’s musical progress.


Sight-singing denotes the ability to produce accurate vocal music on first sight of a new written musical selection; in other words, the ability to read new sheet music without having studied it before. The ability to read notes on a page is a prerequisite for an exceptional musical performance, and the more comfortable a singer is with reading music, the more attention she will have to devote to interpretation, phrasing, and fluency of singing.

Being able to read a piece of music and sing it at first sight will inspire the singer’s confidence and free her from the drilling of parts and rote learning to being able sing with ease. Sight-singing is seldom taught; as a result many singers do not sight-sing well. We believe in the importance of sight-singing and are proud to teach it as a part of our curriculum with a program that can be tailored to any singer’s level of study.