Arizona Girlchoir Auditions

If you love to sing beautiful music, here is your chance! Our open placement auditions are regularly scheduled, but you may also arrange an appointment if you are unable to be at our open auditions days. Auditions are always FREE! Auditions are primarily for placement purposes; no choir experience is necessary for school-age choirs.

Please check our ♫ New Notes blog for the latest information on audition dates, or contact us to arrange an audition appointment.

Audition Expectations

Angeli (ages 6-8): Entry level; no experience necessary but some text reading (not note reading) ability is required. “Twinkle Twinkle” or a similar simple song is fine for an audition song, with no need for accompaniment.

Amabile (ages 8-11), Aria (ages 11-14), and Anima (ages 14-18): No prior experience is necessary; we are seeking serious and talented singers who wish to learn. Please come prepared to sing one song (traditional, folk, patriotic, etc; no country/western or pop music please). You may sing acapella or bring sheet music.

Allegria (ages 18-30): Young adult women with a background in choral singing and/or private vocal instruction; experience in sight singing and theory is expected. Those auditioning for Allegria should be prepared to sing an art song; please bring the sheet music or be prepared to sing acapella.

Please note that our teen choir, Aria, may also include junior and senior high girls who are not yet ready for the advanced experience of Allegria. Other grade division levels may be adjusted according to the student’s current musical knowledge and singing ability.

Arizona GirlChoir